Supply Only Kitchens

When you choose to buy a kitchen direct and arrange for it to be installed by a local tradesperson (or yourself) you must ensure you buy quality and not the cheapest. This is important as you are able to purchase a quality kitchen online from reputable companies using budgets that suit your pocket. have partnered with the UK’s premier online supplier of Omega products to bring you some of the finest kitchens available on the web. Searching online for your next purchase allows you to view one of the most comprehensive ranges of styles available to choose from.

A good supply only company can provide fully customisable units and accessories to give you the finish and room you have always dreamed of. Ensure that you make the right choices for your home as it can be a difficult, often stressful process, fraught with pitfalls such as un-kept dealer promises and missed deadlines – always get references from online companies clients! Our partners have been chosen because they not only ensure the highest quality but when you make this important decision to enhance your home, they will make the process simple and accurate 1st time.

Even though you choose to buy from a supply only company you should always receive a personal, dedicated assistant, available to guide you through the creation of your ideal kitchen and satisfy any inquiries that you may have. For example, once your order is placed, your assistant should track its manufacture and keep you regularly informed on its progress and delivery to you. By following these simple rules/requirements you will be left with a room that is a beautiful, practical showpiece in your home that you can be proud of. Don’t accept online purchases from any company who don’t offer a service with an accountable person managing your order from start to finish.

We are currently collating an e-brochure covering many amazing supply only cupboards, doors, worktops etc.. If you would like to receive this when its ready or simply get more details about a fantastic range covering supply only pleaseCLICK HERE. We can put you in touch with our partner who can answer your questions and assist with any query. Please note our partners are not targeted by sales but customer service and satisfaction…CLICK HERE.

We value your privacy and therefore do not sell or pass on your details to third parties.