Kitchen Shapes - Kitchens for Sale

The shape of your kitchen can reduce the possibilities open to you dramatically. However, with a qualified designer, most obstacles can be overcome, so don’t lose heart.

The most common shapes are:


U-shaped designs are exactly that; U-shaped and usually feature a main resource such as a cooker, fridge and sink within ones of the three sides. U-shaped kitchens are ideal for larger rooms and large families as they offer a generous amount of space.

If designed properly, you can adjust one side of the U-shape to incorporate a breakfast bar, or dining table. U-shape formats usually incorporate a lot of cupboard space. Again, this needs to be paid attention to because too many cupboards can create an adverse feel to the kitchen, making it too busy. A quality designer will always suggest blending in glass or large display cupboard cases to balance the busy look and add more attractiveness to the room as a whole.


This layout is often popular as it provides a working, functional kitchen with worktops, sink, cooker and fridge, but also allows for further space to be utilised for other purposes such as a dining table, larder or walk in cupboard.

The L-shaped kitchen means that the cost of a fully fitted kitchen with other room shapes is reduced, allowing more budget spend for accessories such as cooker, fridge and kitchen fittings.


A galley kitchen usually runs alongside one side of a long thin room, galley kitchens can be ideal for smaller buildings with odd room shapes. Most kitchen fittings and appliances can be used within a galley kitchen and can have a number of worktop surfaces which make it as functional as other shaped kitchens.

Twin Galley

Twin galley (two way galley) designs usually run alongside two adjacent walls with a walkway through the middle. More often than not, a twin galley kitchen has little space for seating areas. However, a professional designer can allow for a flat wall-facing breakfast bar with under worktop seating which can used for dining.

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