Kitchen planning - Fitted kitchens for sale

When it comes to thinking about a new fitted kitchen, there are quite a few points to consider carefully. The first point is to understand the differences between a ‘fitted ’ and a ‘free standing kitchen’ before making the choice of which one to go for.

  • How big is your family?
  • How much time is spent in the kitchen?
  • Who will use the kitchen?
  • What aspects of a kitchen are important to you?

Free Standing
A free standing kitchen (non-fitted) allows the owner to build their design using not only obvious kitchen cupboards/accessories, but allows for the inclusion of various furniture that the owner would like to see within the  room.

For instance, there might be particular pieces of furniture not usually associated with a kitchen which can be included; this can be done to add specific ambient themes by the owner.
A free standing design also allows the owner to take the furniture with him/her if they should move.

A fitted kitchen is fitted to the  walls and specifically designed for the particular room. A fitted design will allow for smooth lines and seams between surfaces and travel room corners/shapes without separation. A well fitted kitchen   can offer more storage space and add to the value of the property, as the kitchen is usually the first point of viewing by prospective new home owners.

How big is your family?
When planning  your design, family size is an important factor. Obviously, if you are single then room space is not a major factor, but if you are married with a family try to imagine everybody in the kitchen at once. A kitchen can easily become crowded  when the whole family is in the room at the same time.

Do you want dining space? If so, you need  to consider breakfast bars or dining tables  and their location within the kitchen.

How much time spent in the kitchen?
In today’s modern age, people are constantly on the go and the kitchen is often the place of many families’ connectivity. Times spent chatting whilst cooking breakfasts or dinner  can often be the only time  families spend quality time together. With this in mind, how much time will you be spending in your kitchen? If the answer is a large part of daily living, then your design needs to offer not just functional aspects but also relaxing ones too.

Who will use the kitchen?
Looking at who will spend the most time in the kitchen is an important point. If there will only be one person  spending most of their time in the kitchen, the design  needs to reflect that person’s needs and wants. However, if multiple people are going to regularly use the kitchen,  the design and layout should reflect  everyone’s needs.

What aspect of a kitchen is important to you?
A high quality design always has a centre piece; this can be the cooker, washing or dining area. When planning your kitchen design, pay attention to what is important to you. Do you like lots of  worktops? Does the sink need to have worktops on either side or are you using a dishwasher?

There is a lot to consider when it comes to designing a fitted kitchen. If you would like to receive a free, no obligation  design and quote, click on the following link FREE Quotation.