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If you’re wondering what layout will best suit your kitchen, the answer is simple; the one that makes life easy for you.Of course, which kitchen layout this is will largely depend on the amount of space you have available. Here are the two basic principles:

  • Large kitchen layout - Keep the distance between the three principal activity zones (food preparation, cooking and washing up) small
  • Small kitchen layout - Make the most of what you’ve got

Our online kitchen planner can help you plan the layout of your kitchen. You can play around with a few common kitchen arrangements and choose the one that best suits your space and preferences.

Corridor layout

The corridor layout is often the best solution when you have a narrow kitchen with doors at either end.  You should allow at least 1.2 metres between the two facing rows of storage units to ensure easy access. If the kitchen is really narrow, you may need to restrict the fittings to one side of the room.

When it comes to cooking, the single galley kitchen offers an easy work flow because it provides all the kitchen essentials in one small space.

L-shape layout

L-shaped layouts work well in either small or large kitchens. If you have a larger kitchen and you are thinking of combining it with a dining area, then an L-shape is often a good idea. It’s also a good solution if you need or want your kitchen to fit into a single corner.
This is a very flexible layout design: no matter where you place your major appliances, the work areas will always be close together.

U-shaped layout

Whether you have a small or large room, U-shaped layouts work best for those who use their kitchens a great deal. The use of three full walls offers maximum efficiency andconvenience, providing the best work triangle and plenty of work space for two people cooking together.

Island layout

If you’d like to turn your large kitchen into an entertaining area, then the island layout may suit you best. If you have a large space to fill, then using the isle for food preparation means you won’t have to walk far whilst cooking. It can also be a great place to present a buffet when you have friends over.

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