Fitted kitchens


A fitted kitchen gives freedom of choice and allows you to utilise the space available in the best possible way. Your new kitchen can be tailored to your specific needs and ensures a design that suits your tastes and blends into the existing style of your home.

Since the kitchen is the heart of any house, knowing what best works for you is the key. Take your old kitchen as a starting point and put together ideas; what is it that annoys you? Lack of storage space, design, layout? What do you think it would be nice to have? Once you’ve put everything on paper, decide your budget and work from there.

Any ideas for my new fitted kitchen?

Before you invite a kitchen designer to your home, try to have a clear idea of the design and colours. The selection of colours now available is endless, but if you take some considerations into account you can narrow down your choices to a manageable list. For example, if your kitchen has little natural light or a modest size, lighter tones will work best, and if you prefer a more vivid design you can always add splashes of colours in the soft furnishing and appliances.

Modern homes look superb with a contemporary, sleek fitted kitchen. High gloss, handless units and stainless steel appliances are ideal for creating the classy look required in a modern kitchen. This style works well both in small and large kitchens, but the key to a truly contemporary look is to be clutter free. A fitted kitchen is the perfect choice because you can incorporate lots of storage space within your kitchen design – even the most difficult corners can be hidden and used for storage.

Kitchen units of traditional homes should include warm colours and textured materials to flow well with rest of  the house. Wood is a great choice as it creates a cozy ambience in a period kitchen and offers many color options. Painted wooden kitchen units will always give you the option to change the colour if  you’d like to transform your kitchen in the future. To add charm and individuality, you can choose cabinets with ornaments and appliances with a traditional look. And if you have the space, a kitchen island would be ideal in a period kitchen; it provides more storage space, more room for food preparation and an area for family and friends to sit and entertain.

How to choose the right company?

Once you have a good idea of what you want, finding a company to design and fit your kitchen is much easier. A good kitchen designer asks the right questions to understand your ideas and offers advice on practical elements and design features in order to pull everything together in your dream kitchen.

Along with the design, the quality of the fit is an important element of your kitchen project. Choose a kitchen company with a good track record and ask them to show you actual kitchen installations. If you like the company’s previous work, your questions are fully answered, you like the advice given and are happy with the designs, then all you need is to find out if the quote is competitive.

It’s always a good idea to shop around and get two or three kitchen quotes so you get the right value for money. Compare like for like and make sure the total price covers everything, including installation. And don’t pick a company just because they offer great discount; a large discount doesn’t mean much if the prices were high in the first place.

So, if you get on well with the designer, believe that they’re most likely to deliver to your expectations and the price is right, then you’re well on your way to making the dream kitchen come true.


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