Fitted kitchens for sale

There are two main fitted kitchen types that you can go for and these are: off the shelf and bespoke.

Pre-designed kitchens

These are pre-designed kitchen ranges with styles such as Contemporary, Urban Chic, Vintage and Country ranges.

Although they are pre-set ranges and styles, there is a certain freedom when it comes to designing a fitted kitchen using one of the above ranges. The choice of cupboard doors, handles and shapes can all be adjusted, allowing for an individual look.

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Bespoke kitchen design

A bespoke fitted kitchen can be made completely to order using most wood and finish materials. Bespoke kitchens are usually more expensive than ‘off the shelf’ designs, but allow for individual taste.

Bespoke designs are commissioned and built to spec and although the designer will suggest various themes and layouts, you determine the type of cupboards, worktop surfaces and unique furniture to include within it.

If you have money to spend and can’t find anything that suits your needs/wants, a bespoke kitchen is the ideal choice.

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