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The appliances for your kitchen are as important as the design itself and can compliment  or ruin the theme.

Nearly all designs allow for dishwashers. A dishwasher can save time, energy and be eco friendly. When selecting a dishwasher it’s important to take into consideration certain points. Selecting a dishwasher that blends into your new kitchen is key; you can always take the kitchen brochures with you when shopping for a dishwasher. Whether it’s the latest stainless steel dishwashers or a free standing traditional white one, make sure your kitchen has the necessary water/waste service to accommodate it. Ask your  designer if they will include the fitting free.

Waste Disposal
A waste disposal unit can easily be installed into all new designs. Around 20-25% of all garbage waste is leftover food. Incorporating a waste disposal unit within your kitchen can save you time and  helps the environment, as there are less trips to the landfill site.

Fridge Freezers
When it comes to choosing the right type of fridge freezer  you need to consider certain factors. For instance, –  do you want a combined freestanding fridge freezer? Or do you want separates? Does the fridge need to be built in? With today’s many styles and ranges what do you want your fridge freezer to say? You can opt for one of the more stylish ones that stand out and shout modern style. Combining functionality with design needs and wants is not hard as there are so many different ranges to choose from, including the American large fridge freezer.

Primarily you will need to know if you are having an electric or gas oven. Electric ovens can offer better cooking features with the fan assisted ovens spreading the heat evenly throughout the whole oven as opposed to the conventional gas oven which has varying heat, with the top usually being the hottest.

Hobs come in all shapes and sizes, with heating methods from halogen to induction and not forgetting gas. Gas hobs have become more effective with the Lotus shaped burners which spread the heat more evenly.

The sink   can be the kitchen’s focal point  and because of the wide range to choose from, can compliment your design choice, whether traditional or contemporary. The various sizes and shapes include: standard single bowl with drainer, double bowls with double drainers and central half bowl sink.

There are various types of  sink taps on the market; from standard mixer taps through to the more exclusive tri-way taps with built in purification systems. Choosing the right type of tap can play a large part in your kitchen’s look and feel.
Dual Flow Taps:
A dual flow tap enables you to receive cold, hot or mixed water variants.
Tri-Way taps:
A tri-way tap will deliver all the above features plus the added feature of providing purified water.