Child safe kitchens

Keeping your children safe in your kitchen is largely a matter of common sense. Most kitchens are designed ergonomically, ensuring for example that the hob is close to the sink, so that you don’t have to carry heavy pans of boiling vegetable water across the kitchen to drain. If you do have a spillage, make sure it’s cleaned up straight away to avoid slipping over – and discourage your child from playing with toys on the kitchen floor too, otherwise you could find yourself tripping over toys and causing injury to yourself or your child. While you’re busy in the kitchen, it’s much safer to encourage your child to play seated at the table with colouring books, jigsaws, play-dough or the like.

Leading appliance manufacturers also play their part, preventing oven doors within easy reach of little hands becoming burning hot with triple glazing or a cooling system, whilst gas hobs should have a flame failure to cut off the supply if the flame is accidentally extinguished and ceramic hobs should include childproof rails.

You can also help keep your children safe by simply turning the saucepan handles to the side so that they cannot be reached by small people. Similarly, your small appliances should have short flexes and be placed to the back of the work surface so there’s no temptation for curious tots to pull at wires.

If you are considering from a range of new fitted kitchens, or are upgrading your old units, there are a range of clever, thoughtful ideas to reduce hazards for children. Safe Lifts for knives or medicines can be positioned high on your wall and pulled down as required. A childproof swing box system can also easily be installed under wall units. Individually divided, these neat storage solutions keep potentially dangerous implements out of the reach of children, but easily accessible for mum and dad.

Another simple but effective measure are the latest childproof locks for cupboard doors and drawers, which can only be opened with a special chip card, keeping disinfectants, medicines or alcohol well out of harm’s way.

It goes without saying, of course, that you should never leave your kitchen unattended whilst you are cooking.

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This article was submitted by Lawrence Christie of Intoto Kitchens.