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Kitchens For Sale

Our name is synonymous with most kitchen ranges including supply only within the UK. We work with professional UK kitchen designers and fitters that have a strong reputation for quality and customer care


Kitchen Design

We offer a free UK design and quote service. Our experienced designers are also qualified kitchen fitters and can offer free advice and help with your new kitchen.


Kitchen Layout

If you're wondering what layout will best suit your kitchen, the answer is simple; the one that makes life easy for you.


Three independent quotations

With just one phone call or online quotation request form you could get three separate kitchen quotes and easily save yourself a serious amount of money. Kitchens For Sale.com will send your request to selected specialists and up to three local suppliers will contact you and offer competitive quotations so that you can choose the kitchen you want, from the company you prefer, at the price that suits you best.

Kitchens for sale – how to make your choice

Before sending your quotation request, make sure you have a good idea about what you want so that you can get the best value for your new fitted kitchen. For most people, the kitchen is the place where they can express themselves in terms of style and function. They simply want it to look beautiful and be easy to use, no matter they’re cooking or getting together with family and friends over a cup of tea.

Current trending styles and colours in the kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of the home, so it’s natural you want it to be a beautiful and welcoming place. Clean, modern styles in neutral colours and warm touches or country styles with natural textures and finishes seem to be today’s tendencies. With the growing interest in environmental design, high quality materials with a real look and neutral finishes, such as ‘stone look’ laminates or ‘wood look’ tiles have also become very popular.

The kitchen triangle

The area of greatest activity in the kitchen is the kitchen triangle. The sink, stove and refrigerator are the main work zones which require careful planning for unobstructed access. No matter the size of your kitchen, make sure you get the right distance between these three points, so people won’t be tripping over eachother or walk too much backwards and forwards while cooking. Ideally, the line between these three points should not be less than 12ft and no more than 26ft in total and each leg of the triangle should be between 4ft and 9ft.

And for a greater efficiency, make sure you place your stove near the sink and worktops to avoid crossing the kitchen with hot pots to drain your pasta and vegetables. The fridge should be at hand for easy food preparation and close to the worktop and cabinets to unpack shopping bags more easier.

Whatever your query, we are here to help with all your kitchen needs.